"HE IS IN THE CITY" M.33 2017
"Immolation" M.33 2015
"Animal Life" M.33 2014
"Southland" M.33 2014
"Street Porn" M.33 2014
"Self-conscious" edit of photographs 1976 to 1983 Skoob Books 2009
"Portraits" edit of photographs taken in 1984 (Robin Plunkett co-photographer)

"Pataphysics Books and Magazine" New, archives and guest posts

"Brook Andrew, Sanctuary: Tomb of Outcasts" Ian Potter Museam of Art, 2015 (book design Yanni Florence)
"Paul Carter, Metabolisim, The Exhibition of the Unseen" Lyon House Museum, 2015 (book design Yanni Florence)
"Linda Marrinon, Figure Sculpture 2005-2015" MUMA, 2015 (book design Yanni Florence)
"Manon Van Kouswijk, Findings" Manon Van Kouswijk, 2015 (book design Manon Van Kouswijk and Yanni Florence)
"Fiona Connor, Wallworks" MUMA, 2014 (book design Fiona Connor and Yanni Florence)
"Benglis 73/74" Neon Parc, Sutton Projects, TCB Arts inc, 2014 (book design Yanni Florence)
"Stuart Ringholt, KRAFT" MUMA, 2014 (book design Yanni Florence)
"Simon Starling, In Speculum" MUMA, IMA, City Gallery Wellington Te Whare Toi, 2013 (book design Simon Starling and Yanni Florence)
"Nikos Papastergiadis, Ambient Perspectives" Lyon House Museum, 2013 (book design Yanni Florence)
"Richard Bell, Lessons on Etiquette and Manners" MUMA, 2013 (book design Yanni Florence)
"Carl Mydans, Tom Clark IN THE SHADOW OF THE CAPITOL" Pataphysics, 2012 (book design Yanni Florence)
"Test Pattern" Neon Parc, 2012 (book design Yanni Florence)
"More: The Architecture of Lyons 1996-2011" Thames & Hudson, 2012 (book design Yanni Florence)
"Hany Armanious, Prototype" MUMA, 2012 (book design Hany Armanious and Yanni Florence)
"Janina Green, BLUSH" M.33, 2011 (book design Yanni Florence)
"Leon Van Schaik, Meaning in Space" Lyon House Museum, 2011 (book design Yanni Florence)
"Brook Andrew, Theme Park" AAMU, 2009 (book design Brook Andrew and Yanni Florence)
"Daniel von Sturmer, Set Piece" Daniel von Sturmer, 2009 (book design Yanni Florence)
"David Noonan, Films and Paintings 2001-2005" MUMA, 2005 (book design David Noonan and Yanni Florence)
"Ricky Swallow, Memory Made Plastic" Ricky Swallow, 1999 (book design Ricky Swallow and Yanni Florence)
"Stephen Bram, Works 1991-1998" Stephen Bram, 1998 (book design Stephen Bram and Yanni Florence)

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