Pataphysics Magazine Guest posts on collected photographs (edited by Yanni Florence)

02 November 2015 CITY
25 April 2015 Geoff Newton, studios / outtakes 1999 - 2010
20 December 2014 Vale, Barrington Vincent Sherman (died 14/12/14)
11 November 2014 Ten designs by Marcus Bergner
04 December 2013 from Collected Poems Ron Padgett
08 November 2013 Aaron Fogel, Eleven Photographs
14 October 2013 The Donkey's Tail, selected posters 2007-2013, John Nixon
22 June 2013 Five New Ideas - Part Five, JENNIFER KIETZMAN
07 June 2013 Five New Ideas - Part Four, LARRY FAGIN
28 May 2013 Five New Ideas - Part Three, THOMAS DELAHAYE
21 May 2013 Five New Ideas - Part Two, RICHARD CHAMMINGS
15 May 2013 Five New Ideas - Part One, DIANA ADAMS
09 April 2013 Josey Kidd Crowe, Goss and Glam, 2013
25 March 2013 David Fitts (1946 - 80), Carlton Photos 1970s: aides-memoire for paintings and monoprints.
29 January 2013 To talk through one’s nightcap by Leif Elggren
25 November 2012 Carl Mydans, Tom Clark IN THE SHADOW OF THE CAPITOL
02 June 2012 Joe Gilmore: 823.JOY
21 May 2012 Percy Grainger: free music experiments and studio portraits
17 April 2012 Percy Grainger - towel clothes and beadwork
23 January 2012 Don't Forget, Mariken Wessels, 2012
09 January 2012 Pierre's Room by Ron Padgett
02 January 2012 Baudelaire Attacked by the US Military. Assemblages by David Shapiro, 2001-2011
17 December 2011 Does your work have a moral significance? Allen Ginsberg, 1989
12 December2011 “A WONDERFUL CORNELL GRADUATE” by Aram Saroyan
06 December 2011 Two poems by Justin Clemens
10 November 2011 Kindness, Joseph Lease
05 November 2011 Kewpie and the Corn Idol, 2009-2010, Eliza Hutchison
27 October 2011 The ghillie, 2007, Eliza Hutchison
24 October 2011 Tom Clark: Precession
19 October 2011 The ancestors, 2004, Eliza Hutchison
01 October 2011 RECENT WORK selected by Larry Fagin
22 September 2011 from "BLUSH, Janina Green, Photographs 1988-2010"
16 September 2011 Preludes Two, 2011, Andrew Hurle
09 September 2011 Preludes One, 1990, Andrew Hurle
29 August 2011 No Real Than You Are, Larry Fagin
17 August 2011 The Right To Offend Is Sacred, 2009, Brook Andrew
11 August 2011 spell for school, Mikala Dwyer
28 June 2011 2005, Stephen Bram and Andrew Hurle

Pataphysics Books (design/edited by Yanni Florence)

Photographs by Carl Mydans for the U.S. Resettlement Administration, September 1935 (Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information Collection, Library of Congress). Edited and with text by Tom Clark
Published by Pataphysics Books, Melbourne, 2012
Hard Cover, 33 Black and white photographs printed in tritone on uncoated paper, 245 x 210mm, limited editon of 500
Published 2012
Available here: M33 here World Food Books and here Perimeter Books

Pataphysics Magazine

Mirage issue
Brook Andrew - Systems of Allowance, Hany Armanious - Light, Del Kathryn Barton - The Stars Eat Your Body, Marcus Bergner - Four Designs, Stephen Bram - Collages, Claude Cahun - Aveux non Avenus, Mark Cohen - Interview and Photographs, Fiona Connor - Wall Section (home), Mikala Dwyer - Saint Jude's Leftovers, Hans Eijkelboom - In the Newspaper, Ivars Gravlejs - Interview and Photographs, Janina Green - Be Home Before Dark, Eliza Hutchison - Photographs, David Noonan - Collages, Ron Padgett - Man to Man, Barrington Vincent Sherman - Tenebrae Visibiles, Michael Williams - Photographs, Konrad Winkler - Julie

158 pages, 210 x 297mm, color and B&W, perfect bound
Published 2016
available here
Publishing issue
Ballard, Burroughs & Re/Search: V. Vale Interview | After The Avant-Garde by Sylvère Lotringer | Surveillance And Wariness by Rupert Sheldrake | Rupert Sheldrake Interview | A Riverdale Address by David Shapiro | Architecture As Hypothesis – Madeline Gins & Arakawa | Ron Padgett Interview | Avant-Garde Poetry and Bootlegging by Ron Padgett | Arizona Highways by Ron Padgett | Palindromes: William Thomas Interview | A 4,963 Word Palindrome by William Thomas | In Recent Years Have Any Aspects of Your Concerns With Space Altered? Vito Acconci, Brian Aldiss, Nat & Ali, Carl Andre, J. G. Ballard, Mauro Baracco, Hakim Bey, Lawrence Block, Stephen Bram, Nadine Christensen, Tom Clark, Robert Clarke, Brett Colquhoun, David Corbett, Peter David, Madeline Gins & Arakawa, John Giorno, Mira Gojak, Leon Golub, Michal Govrin, Thomas Groetz, Bernard Heidsieck, Horst Kiechle, Jutta Koether, Richard Kostelanetz, Chris Kraus, Tom Lamberty, Niki Marangou, Gerald Murnane, David Noonan, Charles North, Klaus Ottmann, Mary Jo Putney, Mia Van Der Rohe, Terry Winters | Gemini by Tony Towle | The Nagi Group by Ranald White | James Schuyler: Charles North Interview by Justin Jamail & Andrew Mccarron | A Graphic Designer In The 1940s | The Making Of A Monster: Summertime For Hitler & Conversation With Cult German Actress Lotti Huber (Berlin, July 20, 1985) By Sylvère Lotringer, Becoming A Politician by Leo Edelstein | Typhoon by Judith Elliston | Shower Curtains by Aaron Fogel | Strangely Like War by Derrick Jensen & George Draffan | Photographs by Jonathan Billich | The Goods by Mia Van Der Rohe | Barney Rosset Interview | One Man Show With Maps by Paul Violi | Nebel-Leben (Excerpts) Stephen Bram/Andrew Hurle | Security At The Compound

146 pages, 210 x 297mm, color and B&W, perfect bound
Published 2006
out of print
Holiday Resort issue
Interviews with Tony Towle, Chris Kraus (on Simone Weil), Larry Clark, Albert Oehlen | Autonomia’s Multitudes by Sylvère Lotringer | A Grammar of the Multitude by Paolo Virno | Six Prose Pieces & Seven Poems by Tony Towle | Photographs by Larry Clark | Cities Burn Best in Absolute Zero by Brian Aldiss | Dream of December Ninth by David Shapiro | Civil Wars Everywhere: Alain Joxe & Sylvère Lotringer, a dialogue | The Special Offer is Over by Mia van der Rohe | To Pile Up a Beautiful Idiocy: Albert Oehlen & Music, a discussion with Thomas Groetz | The Technician by Ranald White | Henry Ford: From Slaughterhouse to Death Camp by Charles Patterson / A Report to an Academy by Joyce Carol Oates | Earth Hotel by Judith Elliston< | Whither Whity? by Bruce LaBruce | A Pavilion in Time by Sylvère Lotringer | Hold On To the Sun by Michal Govrin | For It Feels like February 29th or 30th by Paul Violi

158 pages, 210 x 297mm, color and B&W, perfect bound
Published 2003
out of print

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suppressed novella THE PRISM

Psychomilitary issue
Interviews with Paul Virilio & Sylvère Lotringer on The Genetic Bomb, Karl Jansen on the near-death experience via ketamine, Teddy Goldsmith on ecological fascism | The Empire of Disorder by Alain Joxe | Lemurs | Survivor by Chris Kraus | The Man and a Man with His Mule by Brian Aldiss | The Secret Mirror by Joyce Carol Oates | Execution I & II by David Miller | Facing the Camera by Sylvère Lotringer | Orangewash: An Amazonian Jungle Beauty by Rudi Ketz | 337,000, December, 2000 by Aaron Fogel | Rise of the Spirit of Independence by David Shapiro

70 pages, 208 x 293mm, color and B&W, perfect bound
Published 2002
out of print
Pirate issue
Interviews with Dave Hickey, Bruce LaBruce, Barney Rosset on Grove Press and living in a house designed by Pierre Chareau | Doing Theory by Sylvère Lotringer | 10 business cards and 5 Poems by Tony Towle | Rifle Range Drive by Jennifer McCamley | Burning Interior by David Shapiro | Rudi Ketz on Peter Lindbergh | Area Man Found Crucified by Joyce Carol Oates

86 pages, 208 x 293mm, color and B&W, perfect bound
Published 2001
out of print
Tile issue
Question: It has been suggested that autobiography, as with letters, establishes the moments of arrival as being critical. What are you currently working on? Responses from John Cage, Sylvère Lotringer, Brigitte Engler, Gerald Murnane, Achille Bonito Oliva, Carl Andre, Bernard Heidsieck, Tory Dent, Gregory Botts, Laurance Wiedler, Alex Katz, Harry Zohn, Chris Kraus, Paul Violi, Laura Mullen, John Giorno, Juan Davila, Larry Clark (B&W photographs), Bob Black, Judith Elliston, Sarah Morris, Richard Kostelanetz, John Nixon, Leon Golub, Pete Spence, Javant Biarujia, Daniel Shapiro, Ania Walwicz, Stephen Bram, Charles North, Graeme Hare, David Shapiro, Brian Aldiss

88 pages, 210 x 297mm, B&W, perfect bound
Published 1993
out of print
Kitten issue
Interviews with Krzysztof Wodiczko on the Homeless Vehicle Project, Chris Kraus, Donald Baechler | Love Story by Peter Halley Eternity Retrieved by Arakawa & Madeline Gins | Not Vanna Venturi House by Howard Raggatt | The Xenobia Construction by John Hejduk | Color photographs by Larry Clark | A Little Maximalist Anthology edited by David Shapiro with drawings by Lucio Pozzi and poems by Charles North, Tory Dent, Bruce Andrews, Laura Mullen, Diane Stevenson, Joel Lewis, Aaron Fogel, Michael Friedman, Jeffrey Harrison, Paul Violi, David Shapiro, Charles Bernstein, Joyce Carol Oates

132 pages, 200 x 260mm, color and B&W, perfect bound
Published 1991
out of print
Blue issue
Question: There has been evidence to suggest that objects can lose control when freed from the hold of their owners. What has been your experience of death? Responses from Brian Aldiss, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Evelyn Firchow, Roger Zelazny, Richard Kostelanetz, Alex Katz, Daniel Libeskind, Peter Schjeldahl, Ange Leccia, Harry Zohn. | Interviews with John Cage, Sylvère Lotringer, Leon Golub, Albert Oehlen, Haim Steinbach, Ronnie Cutrone, David Shapiro and Achille Bonito Oliva | How to Be Perfect by Ron Padgett | Apollinaire's view of de Chirico's studio by Mike Bidlo | Mozart (1791-1991) & Indeterminacy by John Cage | The Death of Shelley by David Herkt | After a Lost Original by David Shapiro | Born to be Late and other works by Albert Oehlen | I was Foucault's Girlfriend by Sylvère Lotringer

232 pages, 210 x 297mm, color and B&W, perfect bound
Published 1990
out of print
Mercedes issue
Interviews with Timothy Leary, Gerald Murnane and Mauro Baracco on Aldo Rossi's architecture | Personal Ads on late-night TV | Police Life | Hammer art magazine #1 | Elegant by Ania Walwicz | Peter Corrigan's Athan House by Conrad Hamann | Comics by Philip Brophy, Maria Kozic, Andrew & Ian Haig

80 pages, 290 x 413mm, color and B&W, perfect bound
Published 1990
out of print
Industrial/Grave issue
Question: In relation to human intentions it has been said that paradox is the logic of history Does your work have a moral significance? Responses from J.G. Ballard, Allen Ginsberg, Cedric Price, Hakim Bey, Timothy Leary, Peter Plate, John Cage, Harry Zohn, Stanley Tigerman, Leon Golub, Peter Schjeldahl, Jay Kinney| Memory Bank Studios | The Last Book by David Herkt | Magic & secret societies | The Freemasons' Medical Center | Interview with 3 physicists | Interview with Asher Bilu

102 pages, 297 x 418mm, B&W, perfect bound
Published 1989
out of print
Curtain issue
Interviews with Robert Hunter, Gotz Stockman, Peter Corrigan and Neil Denari | Architecture in deconstruction | Piranesi

64 pages, 297 x 423mm, B&W, perfect bound
Published 1989
out of print